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Volume 11,  Issue 6  June 2011

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The Next Bite

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Warm Water Muskies - SPEED KILLS Pt 4of 6
by Pete Maina

In the warmer waters of summer, often something that will trigger … may turn a very lazy follow suddenly aggressive, or turn quiet trolling reels into noisy ones – is speed. Like anything, it’s not always what the fish want, but very often muskie anglers simply aren’t going fast enough to trigger reactions from muskies. The idea is simply to make them (muskies) think they’ll have no choice if they don’t react now.

Those who regularly cast for muskies know of their propensity to follow with a snobby look in their eye. Speed takes away their ability to calmly watch, knowing they can catch the prey if they choose. Faster retrieves will often trigger right on the spot, especially with fish hiding in structure; and I have seen it many times with my own eyes where a speed up with a following fish – suddenly makes it lunge and strike.

Another method that produces fish in the summer months is speed trolling. And often, fairly short-line speed trolling – and often in very shallow ranges. Muskies are not at all afraid of boats or motors, especially something moving steadily. Trolling crankbaits or spinnerbaits at higher speeds of 4.5 to 7 mph can be very effective..

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