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Volume 1,  Issue 3 -  April. 2001

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Spring Steelhead Primer
by Justin Hoffman

As winter makes way for spring, the world, once again, starts to flourish. The ice melts away, the birds return, and the creeks and rivers become alive with silvery-sheened steelhead! Spring signals the spawning urge in these very adaptable fish, and they begin their long journey up the many tributaries that they once called home. By learning what to look for once you're out on the stream, the tackle and bait which performs best, and some tips and techniques to up your odds, you'll be on your way to becoming a streamside authority, and a bonafide "steelheader."

Picking a Stream

Steelhead, or rainbow trout as they are commonly called, have an uncanny ability to return to spawn in the same river, or stream, that they were born in. By doing a bit of investigative work, you can discover which stream or river has the greatest runs come spring. Once you have this information, however, it is time to make a difficult decision. Either fish a "well-known" stream which has a good resident population of steelhead, yet may be overcrowded, or find a more "out of the way" creek, which may not have as many fish, but will be less pressured. Try to fish both varieties this spring, and decide which you prefer best, but always be on the lookout for that undiscovered gem.

What to Look For In a Stream

Fast Moving Water or Rapids
Rainbow trout always spawn in relatively shallow, fast-moving water. Look for groups of males pressuring a single female in the rapids, or fish using these areas to move between pools. Fishing in rapids can sometimes be tough due to the faster moving water, but they are a guaranteed fish producer. Continued on Page 2


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