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Volume 9,  Issue 10 -Oct. 2009 #106

The Next Bite

Muskie Fishing

Ontario Muskie Fishing


Cover two zones
by Pete Maina

Edge fishing is common for all species of fish. Often, some of the better areas to target in a system that has them – are distinct breaklines from shallow to deep water. These become natural travel and cover zones; more specifically, fish often congregate on more extreme areas of irregular breaklines (sharp points and inside turns). It is common for anglers to position their boats on the edge of these breaklines and cast in shallow to structures and across the edge.

This is very effective where a pattern has already been established for fish location on the shallow structure or on the primary breakline itself. But what if there is no pattern established; and what if some time is already put it with no results? Often, esox species will suspend fairly high in the water column in the deeper water adjacent to classic shallow structures and/or be relating more the to secondary break zone. Where deep water access is immediately available on an edge, it makes sense to cover both zones on a single pass down the edge to test that potential – at least when multiple casters are available. If a lone angler, two passes on a prime structure would be required. From the edge – have one angler try casting straight out and at varying angles into deep water. Often, a pattern of locating active fish – may be on the “other” side of the boat.

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