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Volume 1,  Issue 6 -  July. 2001

Berkley Fishing

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Camp Raymond
Lake Nipissing Fishing
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Gear and Gadgets to Maximize Fishing Success
by Justin Hoffman

Having the right tools, and knowing how to use them, are the greatest assets a person can have in order to become a more proficient angler. Fishing has become more specialized over the years, and following the trends and learning to adapt are key to putting more fish in the boat. Trying out the following gear and gadgets will make your success rate soar - the very thing each one of us is trying to achieve.
G.P.S. (Global Positioning System)
This relatively new innovation is making the sport of angling easier, safer and much more productive. The actual unit comes in two shapes - a hand-held model and one built directly into your fish finder. By sending a signal to skyward satellites, a GPS is able to record a position you require, or send you in a direction you need. Finding a school of fish, or a mid-lake hump will be simple after you punch in the coordinates, and will have you returning to the exact same spot with the push of a button. This system will take the worry out of getting lost on the lake or traveling in foggy or dark conditions, and will help locate productive drop-offs, shoals and humps with ease. A hand-held model is fairly cheap in comparison to many other digital toys, yet the new dimension it will add to your fishing will pay for itself the first time you turn the unit on.
Marker Buoys
Have you ever come across a productive hump or shoal, but found yourself pushed off the area by the wind, and ultimately unable to find the "magical" spot again. A marker buoy is the answer to your dreams during these frustrating conditions, and will give new meaning to boat control. Marker buoys are one of the cheapest gadgets you can purchase; yet they can help your fishing process greatly.   Marking a hump or drop off with a few of these floatable aids will enable you to work the area more thoroughly, be it through trolling or casting, and will help you spend more time on areas that are productive. Marking an irregular weedline will ensure that your trolling pass will be in an optimum area - something that is not always possible when relying strictly on sight or underwater electronics.
Throwing out a marker buoy when a fish is caught (especially when targeting walleye,) will help you maintain contact with the school and pick off a few more fish that may have been overlooked had you just drifted on by. I like to keep three or four of these "sight-helpers" on board at all times, and have relied on them to keep me on key areas and fish I come across. Pick up a few of these gadgets next time you are out, and experience the new dimension they lend to your fishing skills. Crankbait Fishing for Walleye Con't

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