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Volume 1,  Issue 5 -  June. 2001

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When the walleye just wont bite
Where the walleye come from
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MNR to Restore Lake Trout
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When the Walleye Just Won't Bite
by Justin Hoffman (c) 2001

All of us have had tough days on the water - bad weather, equipment failure and fish that refuse to bite. Walleye fishing is often a game of chances, and when these fish shut down, you'll find yourself cursing all the way back to the launch ramp. There are a number of techniques and adaptations that anglers can use that can turn finicky fish into biters, and with practice and patience, you can turn that bad day into a good one, and fill that live well up to the limit in the process!

Weather Conditions
   Weather plays a very important role in walleye activity, and a lack of optimum conditions will usually result in a sub-par day. Due to their light-sensitive eyes, a walleye will be most active during overcast days. They will also be more likely to roam and feed while the wind is blowing, as this causes wave action that breaks up sun penetration. Unfortunately for anglers, these variables are not always the most comfortable to fish in - they will, however, provide positive results.
    If you happen to be out, and the sun is shining and the winds are still, what should you do to ensure that you get bit? If you happen to be fishing a shallow, fertile lake, then your best course of action is to search out the lushest, greenest weeds available and present a jig to the walleye that will be seeking shade and cover underneath. Slow, methodical lifts of a bucktail or twistertail will do the trick, and the addition of a minnow or worm may coax the inactive walleye to become more co-operative.
    If you are fishing a deep northern shield lake, then your best bet is to fish deeper, while keying-in on productive structure areas. Searching out breaklines and drop-offs and jigging the area thoroughly, or running a live-bait rig or bottom bouncer, will do the trick. A key to remember is this - the more miserable the weather, the faster the retrieve. Sunny, beautiful days call for a slower presentation and added searching to find those inactive fish.

    It is common knowledge that walleye are fish that relate to the bottom structure and will be found hugging the lower part of the water column the majority of the time. This is true in most cases, but there are times when walleye will suspend mid-way through the water column.
    Walleye are feeding machines, and will follow baitfish when actively feeding. If the resident baitfish are ten feet from bottom, then the opportunistic walleye will be close at hand. I have spent time with other anglers that refuse to do anything other that jig on bottom for fish, regardless of whether they are getting bit or not.   Con't on Page 2

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