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Volume 9,  Issue 8 - July 2009  #104

J.P. DeRose

By: JP DeRose

When trying to trick a Largemouth Bass in vegetation bait selection can be a very important ingredient to a successful day on the water. There are several options available to the weed line angler, however the first and best advice I can give it to slow down. Forget all the baits that are horizontal, and focus on vertical, especially during or after cold fronts or on bright sunny days. This is not to say that you can’t catch them on a jerkbait or a spinnerbait, however, your odds are just that much better fishing slow and vertical.

The first bait that comes to mind would be a Flipping Jig and Trailer when fishing deep weed lines, try using a ½ oz jig for sparse weeds and up to 1 oz for dunking the thick stuff and this is where braided line can pay huge dividends since sometimes feel can be a problem; 65 pound Power Pro will give you both the sensitivity and the power to set hook and haul the fish out of the vegetation. Secondly, try any type of soft plastic bait that has some bulk like a 10” ribbon tail worms, 5” craws, 7” lizards, flipping tubes all Texas rigged and weighted with a ½ oz to ¾ oz. tungsten or lead bullet weight. Pegging your weight or using a screw in type will help you keep contact with the

bait, detecting those often subtle strikes that will haunt you for the winter if you miss them and don’t forget to add the glass rattles and last, but definitely not least, would be Senko type bait and these do nothing baits can reap huge benefits when the fish are tight lipped because you can Texas rig them with a 4/0 wide gap hook which allows these baits to slip right through the weeds. Patience is the key when fishing these baits, especially on deep weed lines and make sure to fan cast the area thoroughly, allowing the bait ample time to settle on bottom.

When selecting the colors for your baits, simplicity will often win. I like to have two color choices available at all times, one a contrasting color, like Black or Black Chartreuse and the other a more natural, almost subtle color like Watermelon or Pumpkinseed. When the fish are more neutral or negative, the more natural color can pay huge dividends by days end. Just always remember the two Golden rules about weed line fishing: Hook sets are free and when in doubt, SET THE HOOK!!!

Tight Lines and Long Weekends
JP DeRose

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