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Volume 9,  Issue 7 - July 2009  #103

J.P. DeRose

By: JP DeRose

When selecting tackle for a day fishing weed lines for Largemouth Bass my boat takes on a very different appearance, almost empty like. There are 5 rods in the boat, 4 flipping sticks and 1 heavy action 7’ baitcaster for the senko unlike the other days when there are more than 20 rods in the boat.

Fishing weed lines involves brute force when fish decide to wrap you around the weed stalks and selecting the proper rod is paramount to getting the fish out. The problem for most is that selecting a good flipping stick is a daunting task and I can no longer count the amount of flipping sticks that have felt good in the store, but just can’t cut it on the water. When looking to arm yourself for a brawl be sure to find a rod has the following characteristics which make for a good weed line flipping stick. I personally prefer a very powerful rod that has a softer tip, rated 12 – 25 lb test and 7’6” in length like the Shimano Crucial 7'6" Medium Heavy or the G-Loomis 7'5" Mossyback flipping stick. Strong is an

understatement for these rods and they have definitely been put to the test, passing with flying colors. Both of these rods share a couple of things in common... they both are Medium Heavy Power and they both are Extra Fast Action. The Extra Fast tip section of the rod will allow you to "check" the fish while working the lure yet they have more than enough back bone to slam the hook home and get the fish's head moving in the right direction.

For reels, I prefer the low profile baitcaster with a 7:1 gear ratio like the Shimano Curado 200 E7 which affords you the ability to pick up a lot of line quickly as the fish will often speed towards the boat. When selecting your line, look for a tough and durable 20-25 lb test monofilament or fluorocarbon or if you are really looking to feel everything, 50-65 lb braided line which is more than enough to stop the rush of the freight train on the end of your line!!! Putting these three components together will give you a combo that can handle anything you can throw at it giving you the confidence to put your bait where the biggest, meanest fish like to live... right in the heart of the weed bed!!!

Tight Lines and Long Weekends
JP DeRose

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